To be part of the blog I am expected to…

Guidelines and Rules for Room 5’s Blog.

* Keep my password secret and never share it with a friend.

* Use only first names when writing on the blog.

* Only write on my own blog page.

* Only contribute work to the blog that is appropriate for an audience.

* Respect other people’s work. (This means I only read their page and never write on their page.)

* I make kind messages by commenting on discussion pages.

* I show reader courtesy by trying to spell words correctly and use punctuation.

* I only up-load images with the teacher’s permission.

At home I can go on line and work on the blog.

* If I have asked an adult permission first.

* I use my personal login and password to gain access, but I do not share it with other people.

* I can share the blog with my family.

* I am allowed to let my parents contribute on the discussion page. They can leave a post by putting their name in the subject line.

Remember Mr Sutherland is the organiser and creator. He has the right to make changes and edit work when necessary.