hello my name is kyla i,m in room 6 enjoy :)   

4.5.19On queens birthday i went on the go-carts and motorbikes i like the go-carts beater because  they are easy to ride and they are fast it was fun we had a lot of space to ride. When we were done we had lunch we had the best curry in the world  it was sooooo good then  we stared to pack up then we whached a movie it was ghost busters it was scary but i fell a sleep.

20.5.19 On April 4 I went to Samoa we were sweaty when we got there. There was lots of nice people. When we got to the resort I got in my togs straight away. The pool was like a bath. In the room it was freezing but nice. The next day we went snorkeling and I got cut on my nee by coral . Then we got back to the room I had a shower. Then I layed down then I went on my iPad and watched YouTube I watched funny kitten videos. One of the kittens got stuck in a shoe. I laughed so hard. Then I watched satisfying Asmr and then i watched my brothers videos. They are funny. then i got off and said good night and went to sleep. the next morning I got up redy to get breakfast. At breakfast I had a wafel scrambled egg and baked beans. on the wafel I had maple surip and chocolate sauce. It was good. then 1 hour later we got ready to go home. I was sad because i did int want to go back it was to

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  1. rebecca says:

    love it. not being mean but i think you just want to write a little more.

  2. rebecca says:

    love it

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