hi im Ella im in room 6 this year at cloverlea school. i enjoy math  most for sport i love netball and gymnastics

on Saturday i went to stock cars. I saw lots of cars crash in to each other.they had fire works. the fire works were so loud.i saw chevelles dad in 103 .it finished at 10.30 pmat



Hi welcome I’m Ella I’m in room 6 this year my favourite sport is netball my favourite song is the middle.I like Mathletics epic and the blog on the computer 💻.

Katie woo.cartwheel Katie.katie and jojo we’re watching tv.girls were doing cartwheels and jumping on trampolines.those girls are cool said jojo. for sure said Katie.her mum asked would you like to take a gymnastics class? Yes yelled katie.then I can be a tv star.that might take a while said her mum.but your have fun.katie and jojo went to class together.welcome said miss nimble.lets stretch first.im great at stretching bragged Katie.you look like me cat said jojo.now let’s do some somersaults said miss nimble.i can do those bragged Katie.but she wobble this way and that way. This isn,t so easy said Katie.katie wanted to do perfect somersaults. She practiced on the grass with Pedro.but his puppy do better then she did.it go worse the next day.the class stared on the balance beam.that look easy said Katie.opps she kept falling off.not so easy she groaned.that night Katie told her mum it’s hard when it’s not easy.Thats all

23.5.19 ballet backfilp Saturday before dinner dear diary you will never ever believe what happened today.i was at ballet class like normally am every Saturday morning.My ballet class is held at la madame fry Ecole Du ballet.which is just a fancy way of saying Mrs frys ballet school.Except actually the school isn’t very fancy at all.The main reason for this is because ballet is held in our local scout hall.which means when were not there the scouts are. which is a very bad thing. reason why sharing your sharing your space with scout is bad.1 scouts are mostly boys.2 boys often smell bad (especially when they have been running around playing sweaty games)3.Boys leave old bits of gum under the seats.4.They also leave boy germs all over the wooden barre

i love candyyyyyyyyy

Today I’m going to my nanas for a night.I will play on the computer with my friend kittykat08is the best.That is her username.Pagie is her name.She lives next to me.We meet by my mailbox or I go to her house and see if she can come over.tonight I won’t be at my home to play roblox with her and chevelle.We will play wizard tycoon all afternoon.We want to finish the hole one

on Saturday me and my friend payge planed of doing a car cleaning service. There are vans and cars. vans cost 30 dollars for the inside and outside for one part it is 15 dollars. cars are 20 dollars inside and outside or 10 dollars for one part

On Sunday my friend from ashhurst came to my new home.Her name is Payge.We played hangman it was computer.I did not no it till Payge got to my place it was keyboard we stared to laugh and laugh:then we play roblox.we played horrer tycoon

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  1. rebecca says:

    good wrack Ella!!!!!!

  2. billy says:

    good work 🙂

  3. mason says:

    I’m sore

  4. giada says:

    good staf ella.
    love from giada

  5. giada says:

    Hi Ella.

    I like your witing ella

    from giada

  6. hollie says:

    wow ella good gob lovely from hollie

  7. hollie says:

    hohohohohoho from hollie

  8. hollie says:

    well done ella

  9. ella says:

    cool ella

  10. rebecca says:

    love it✔

  11. Dave says:

    Great work Ella. Wow lots of comments and replies!!

  12. kyza says:

    ella good job ella.

  13. Libby says:

    Good Job Ella From Libby

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