In the wekend it wose my big-sisters birthday.But ther wose no cace.we      had wortimalin and piys.We had gody-bagsetce.     

Hi my name is chevelle. I love pigs because their cute. My favorite colour is black. I’ve got two  annoying sisters.  

HI my name is chevelle i love to clime trees and stufe.I love cats because ther cut and fluffy

Once there was a monster who lived happily ever after the end not his name is blue 🎽

star light star bright

stars are not just dots of light that  look pretty there,s more going on up ther than you might think






4 Responses to Chevelle

  1. ella says:

    love it Chevy

  2. rebecca says:

    nice but can you put the date please. thanks

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