hello my name is Tyler

29.11.18 car

My DAD got a new car from turners cars it was shiny we went to the park we played  tennis. I won we vs dad we went home I had g force.and I had gain waves. 24.9.18                           

30/10/18                                                                                    In the weekend. I went to Pahiatua competition to catch eel’s and my silly brother  got a head lamp and I got a hunting bag.

29.11.18 money


At the end of the year we are going to our Racho  and go carts water slide      And a pool a rugby feled                 



On Monday It was my birthday .I got a TV  and Xbox 360 I got . money and a RC car and  bounce ball clothes . I  played games  on my TV and  got lenx gale and bk for diner

wwe is cool I john cena is cool the miz is ok  not better then john cena do do dodo  2/08/2019


I like dino keo I play roblox like nachilldasarter and swat vs criminal or shark bite  I spent robux 

I play fotnite it is boring  I am so good not when I am at max is house

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    good writing tyler

    from giada

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