Hello my name is Olivia. I like to play basketball. My favorite subject is Math. I like to play Twister and Mousetrap. I am 9 years old. I like going to Cloverlea school.I also like swimming.   ♥ 

I like strawberries and pineapples. My best is Sophie p.    

Here is a fractions video. Hope you enjoy.


On Sunday when my family and I were watching the movie Shrek there was a power cut. So we lit some candles and got out torches and looked for Scrabble. Dad had to cook the pizza on the barbaric. When it was dinner time the power was still not working. Then we packed up Scrabble and my brother and I had a tie with 175 points and mum had 120 points. After dinner we went to bed. At about 9:00 or 10:00 the power was back on. 


On Sunday my family and I went to the Plaza. We had MC Donald for lunch. I had a frozen blue drink and a  big Mac with chips. Then we went to Kmart to find mum. Then I felt sick. My dad bought two fidget spinners. My one was pink and Jesse’s one was blue and they were really shinny. Then we went home and I still felt sick. Then I cleaned my room and played on Sims 3.


On Saturday I went with my family to Jesse‘s hockey game. It was Jesse’s first game in two weeks. It was really sunny and warm. Guess who was player of the day was, Jesse!



 On Sunday afternoon my mum helped me clean my room and get a big box in my room for my stuff toys. Then my mum and I went to the video store to return a game. Then we went to New world to get some things, mum got me some delicious  licorice and two delicious twirls. One twirl was for Jesse and one was for her. Then we went home. Then I played on the PlayStation. Then I had a nice hot shower. then I got to choose a family movie, the movie was called Alexander and the no good terrible horrible very bad day. The movie was really funny.



In the holidays I went to ASA, witch is a holiday program and after school care. My brother and I went to ASA for two weeks, because mum and dad had to work all week for half a day. Once for lunch we had Nachos, Devil sausages, they were so yummy! Then when its time to go home I just want to stay. 




On Sunday I went to Gymnastics. First we did some warm ups. We did some painful we put our legs apart and then stretch to one leg then the other then straight down the middle, that was the painful part. Then we got into groups. First my group did the rings, we had to do the splits in the air, then we had to jump with two feet on a bouncing board and land on two feet then one foot and land on two feet again and jump off a seat and land on two feet. The trick is 2 2 1 2 2. Then we had to run up and jump on the bouncing board and jump over the seat, and if you were good you could do star jumps.









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  1. xavier says:

    write more comics there so good your good at it and it is amzing

  2. rebecca says:

    like it

  3. rebecca says:

    good job

  4. rebecca says:

    your the best

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