Mr Sutherland

24 Responses to Mr Sutherland

  1. mason says:

    I like your videos.

    from mason

  2. ella says:

    hi have a good day

  3. giada says:

    I like your videos aloot.

    love from giada

  4. giada says:

    I like vodeos like you to

    love from giada

  5. tyler says:


  6. giada says:

    nice job mr s

  7. ella says:

    good job just some more wititing

  8. kyla says:

    hi Mr s having a good day i am having a great

  9. Xavierzoie says:

    Hey it’s me Xavier Zoie I now live in Shannon and I go to Shannon school I have moved now to a new home

  10. Isla says:

    I like your picture

  11. Isla says:

    Hi it’s Isla I miss not being in your class

  12. kaila says:

    is goirga there

  13. CARYS says:

    Hi this is Carys I miss Cloverlea

  14. Dave says:

    Good night mr Sutherland I’m going to sleep soon and iv just been showing my mum our blog page and it’s Georgie

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